Alone is hard. together is better.

At SK Consulting we don’t do ordinary. We help you push, pull, and reach for the brass ring. Together we will achieve the remarkable. Changing the world takes more than everything any one person knows, but not more than we know together. 

Alone is hard. Together is better. Together we can help you continue changing the world.

SK Consulting founder Sue Kindred is a business strategist for nonprofits who, more than anything, enjoys helping you help others.  With more than 30 years’ real-world "been there done that" experience, she brings a breadth and depth of insight, vision and understanding that will help you identify where you want to be and the best path to take you there. She specializes in building Board engagement, teaching how to tell a compelling story, creating effective volunteer programs, and collaboratively guiding your strategic direction. She is currently the resident story expert at the online fundraising site Asking Matters.

Originally from Texas, Sue resides in Richmond, Virginia and enjoys spending time with her three dogs, reading, traveling and always seeking the next adventure.

Alone is hard. Together is better. Let’s work together.